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Deloitte and Arco Information join forces to deliver an innovative hybrid invoicing and tax services solution to businesses





Deloitte Belastingconsulenten and Arco Information have joined forces to create an innovative hybrid invoicing and tax services solution for businesses in response to the upcoming Belgian B2B e-invoicing mandate.

The partnership combines Arco’s data and hybrid invoicing capabilities with Deloitte’s indirect tax competencies to develop a cutting-edge data solution that allows customers to meet the new e-invoicing obligations in Belgium and digitize their finance and indirect tax processes.

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Einvoicing mandatory to all government organisations in Belgium

In 2023 the sending of einvoices to all types of government, including hospitals and schools, is mandatory.

Capture as a service

Scanning with OCR, efficient processing of e-mails and e-invoices

Delivery as a service

Documents delivered digitally to B2C, B2B and B2G environments


A reliable, safe and legally compliant archive


Easy management of digital workflows, including approval of supplier invoices

What clients say

  • Xavier Keters

    AZ Damiaan now process 30 000 digital supplier invoices much more quickly than it used to. Thanks to ‘three-way matching’, invoices whose details correspond with their order and delivery details no longer require any additional processing. Administrative patient files are accessible to authorised staff in a single mouse-click. - Read more...

    Xavier Keters - AZ Damiaan

  • Wesley Lichtert

    Sending e-invoices via Open/Peppol is flexible, open and beneficial. Boma has lost no time in submitting e-invoices to government agencies, well before the practice becomes compulsory on 1 January 2017. - Read more...

    Wesley Lichtert - Boma

  • Geert Callens

    Digitally processing supplier invoices is providing considerable benefits in the accounting process and for the approvers. The accounting department processes 45% more invoices (up to 15 000 each year) but with the same workforce. And the information is always available for accounting purposes - Read more...

    Geert Callens - d'Arta

  • Geertrui Ryngaert

    The invoice-approval process for three hospital sites and decentralised departments has become far more efficient, while integration with the ERP system results in time-savings. - Read more...

    Geertrui Ryngaert - Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis

  • Marc Van Uytven

    The digital delivery of invoices is part of a strategy to provide modern services and the best possible care to the patient. - Read more...

    Marc Van Uytven - Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis

  • Gaby Bostyn

    Because approvers and accountants are just a mouse-click away from all the information, the average turnaround time for an invoice is considerably reduced. As a result, it is much quicker and cheaper to approve and enter supplier invoices in the books. - Read more...

    Gaby Bostyn - Poppies

  • Stijn Lombaert

    A clear project-based approach ensured that scope and responsibilities were clearly defined from the outset. As a result, the service was quickly put in place. A clear, no-nonsense approach with smooth communication lines facilitated good contact among the parties concerned. The level of support provided was excellent, with questions or problems being dealt with accordingly. - Read more...

    Stijn Lombaert - Provincie West-Vlaanderen

  • Jurgen Van Eetvelde

    The turnaround time for processing supplier invoices has been reduced by 30% compared to previously. Everyone can approve invoices anytime, anywhere. Documents do not get lost or misplaced. - Read more...

    Jurgen Van Eetvelde - Start People Belgium

  • Toon van Damme

    65% of the 40 000 incoming invoices arrive by e-mail. The automated processing of these e-mails has resulted in a staff saving of more than 0.5 FTEs. - Read more...

    Toon van Damme - VDAB

  • Wim Baert

    Callant uses its state-of-the-art IT systems to provide a fast and effective service. To do this it runs Arco tools, interfaced with Portima's Brio software. - Read more...

    Wim Baert - Callant Verzekeringen & Financieel Advies


Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

A lot of valuable time goes into processing incoming invoices. Arco Invoice automates this entire process for you, apart from scanning the invoices. It reduces the cost of processing your invoices and guarantees greater efficiency.

Document scanning and recognition

Document scanning and recognition

Login via the web portal, connect your scanner or MFP and remit your documents. E-mails can also be read in directly. OCR techniques automatically recognise the data.

Receiving and processing emails

Receiving and processing emails

The volume of electronic documents and invoices received by e-mail is increasing rapidly. The Arco E-Mail Processor extracts the valid PDFs automatically and sends them to the OCR recognition process.


Get to know Open/Peppol

Compulsory as of 1 January 2017

Arco has this service fully up-and-running!

Straightforward and standard

Simple process for sending digital invoices to government bodies

Save over 50% in costs

Send digital invoices to other organisations as well


Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Local authorities are striving to provide an increasingly broader range of digital services, along with more transparency.

Hospitals and Elderly Care

Hospitals and Elderly Care

Hospitals and elderly care institutions manage vast quantities of information. They work constantly to increase efficiency and gain economies of scale.



The construction sector is highly project-oriented. Following up supplier invoices is a core process and relates to both project and overheads invoices.



Customers can use web portals to scan supplier invoices themselves. The invoices are converted automatically into a digital entry proposal.