Managing information flows and documents

Document and information volumes are continually increasing. The pace of change is accelerating, and you are sharing ever more information with customers, partners, citizens, suppliers and other interested parties. Arco’s core business is to capture information, to process it in digital workflows, and then to save, share, convert and deliver it.

Seamless conversion from paper to digital format

Arco converts your paper-based documents to digital format. Scan documents through the cloud service and convert them automatically into documents that have meaningful properties. Ensure your e-mails are read in automatically. Provide your customers and suppliers with e-forms, which they can fill in for further processing.

Automating processes

Have automated processes in place for approving and checking documents. Convert them automatically into the right format, ensure they are signed digitally and monitor deadlines. An audit trail of all activities is provided, while reports give a clear insight into how the process is progressing.

Ensuring documents and information reach the right addressee

Addressees receive their documents and information as requested and are also free to change their preferences themselves. We keep track of the delivery status. Customers not wanting to receive items in digital format can make use of a print and delivery service.

Secure archive

Arco guarantees that all documents will be stored digitally in accordance with the archiving guidelines in force. Storage is secure and the documents are available at all times. When necessary, digital signatures along with the requisite certificates will be used to secure documents. The archive complies with all legal standards, thus eliminating the need for paper versions.

Doma Cloud Platform

This platform is hosted in Belgium and complies with the strictest security standards. You can put your most important and sensitive documents on this platform and so reduce concerns when organising your in-house ICT resource going forward.

Arco Information: a stable partner

Arco Information was established in Mechelen in 1993 and currently has a 50-strong and highly experienced workforce to cater for your specific needs. In the intervening years, we have built of a solid base of over 1 000 customers.