Arco: e-invoices to French Chorus Pro

Arco: e-invoices to French Chorus Pro

Chorus Pro?

The platform of the French government to dematerialize invoices. As of January 1, 2018 all companies with 250 to 5000 employees have to submit their invoices through the platform. Exactly one year later (from January 1, 2019) this will also be an obligation for companies with 10 to 250 employees. This obligation also goes for non-French companies that invoice the French authorities.

Need help?

Arco can assist you efficiently with the automated send-out of e-invoices to the French authorities via Chorus Pro. To this effect we offer a specialized and automated service.

Strong points:

  • smooth, standardized and easy connection: one-time registration on the Chorus Pro portal, we take care of everything else.
  • no technical knowledge of Chorus Pro is needed.
  • carefree sending of e-invoices (EDI) thanks to the validation of content and follow-up of processing and feedback with status messages.
  • invoices that need to be revised are sent to the person in charge (e.g. sales administration) for further processing.
  • cost efficient with a clear SLA.
  • solid technical link with the government platform Chorus Pro, for which we use security certificates RGS2.
Follow-up on invoices sent to Chorus Pro?

The Arco E-invoice monitoring platform gives you a clear overview of what is being handled, what has been successfully sent or what needs attention on Chorus Pro. This goes for e-invoices sent to the French authorities as well as any other invoices sent.

Users can also log on to the Chorus Pro portal and follow-up on items sent from there.

Processing of non-conforming invoices: users receive a clear e-mail message, click through to the details on the portal, review the necessary data and take appropriate action.

KPI: clear statistics give an overview of the statuses of e-invoices sent.

Sending of e-invoices not only through Chorus Pro?

Should you require a broader approach to send your e-invoices, that can be perfectly accomplished via Arco’s other trump cards:

  • digital sending to all types of companies and consumers.
  • digital sending to other foreign authorities, such as e-invoicing to the Belgian government Mercurius (Open/Peppol), e-invoicing Netherlands (Simpler Invoicing), to health care services in the United Kingdom (NHS) and sending to the Italian government (Fattura PA).