Certificates: reliability and legal equilibrium
  • By Arco
  • June 15, 2017
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Certificates: reliability and legal equilibrium

The digital delivery of documents is performed according to certain rules. The recipient wants to have the guarantee that the document is authentic, that is comes from the right party and that fraudulent changes cannot be made to it (account numbers being altered on a supplier invoice, for instance).

This level of trust can be achieved for such documents thanks to a number of actions.

  1. Digital signing with an advanced certificate (Adobe approved). The document definitely cannot be altered and contains a valid signature. When opened in Adobe Reader, the signature also has a valid status.
  2. Digital signing with a qualified certificate (Adobe approved). This guarantees that the document comes from the right party, has been sent by a valid representative of this company.
  3. Timestamp: guarantees the time of signing, which can be checked. If required, a timestamp can be valid for, say, seven or ten years; useful for long-term archiving. Arco offers this service irrespective of whether delivery is made using Arco services or using in-company ICT capabilities (ERP system).