Construction sector using PEPPOL to send more and more e-invoices
  • By Arco
  • February 10, 2017
  • Blog

Construction sector using PEPPOL to send more and more e-invoices

Since 1 January 2017, businesses have been required to send their invoices to the Flemish government in digital format. The EDI invoices are delivered via the OPEN/PEPPOL platform, a Pan-European tool for exchanging e-invoices according to clear standards and guidelines. It’s highly likely that increasingly more companies will start using this platform in the years ahead, which will lead to a much higher volume of e-invoice traffic.

For years, Arco has been closely following the development of the OPEN/PEPPOL platform, as well as the direction being taken by Federal, Flemish and local government bodies. Back in the summer of 2015, Aswebo was the first construction firm to hook up to Mercurius for e-invoicing purposes. Working together with Arco’s partners, various construction firms started sending their invoices electronically to the Flemish government at the beginning of this year. At Arco, we offer a total solution that enables:

  • invoices to be retrieved automatically from the customer
  • documents to be uploaded to the Arco Cloud Services Platform
  • requisite checks to be performed
  • documents to be delivered to the Flemish government


Customers can at all times monitor and check the status of the invoices they have sent. If an error detected, they automatically receive an e-mail after the invoice has been delivered to keep them up to date with the situation and to take any necessary action.

The Flemish government’s requirement that invoices be sent digitally has also been instrumental in accelerating the digitisation of incoming invoices in the construction sector and helping it gain popularity. Arco has specialised in this area for years, just as it has in sending PDFs or EDI invoices –with or without an approval process – by e-mail.

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