Different delivery techniques

If your recipient prefers an invoice (or other document) by e-mail, they will receive an e-mail with a PDF document attached. An e-mail with a link to the document (with or without a login requirement) is another option.

If your client is keen to use one of the portals on the market, links for Belgium are available to Doccle, POM, AcceptEmail and Zoomit.


No technical concerns, new channels are in place

Arco is responsible for the technical management of the various channels. You need to connect to Arco just once and then you can benefit from the different modules.

New versions of these channels or modifications to them are likewise managed.

Customer benefits from digital delivery

The customer sees a record of all the invoices. The documents can be organised, sorted and downloaded.

Some tools (for example, Doccle and POM) have an attractive, user-friendly app.

Customers are free to select their preferred way of receiving documents

Every customer has their own preferences for delivery channels, which can be changed at any time. The Digital Delivery module has a very user-friendly interface for managing these preferences. As a sender, therefore, you don’t have to develop proprietary apps for preference management.

Actively encourage customers to go for digital delivery

Arco and its partners work together with the sender to set up a communication campaign. A clear reference to the digital channel appears on invoices. Websites and brochures set out and explain the benefits and procedures involved.

Links in e-mails allow customers to click through to Digital Delivery and activate the digital transmission capability.