Documents On Paper? Meet The Digital Postman.
  • By Arco
  • April 27, 2021
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Documents On Paper? Meet The Digital Postman.

Sending invoices, payslips and other documents digitally offers many advantages. Not only does it save up to 60% costs, it also provides faster and more interactive communication with the customer, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. With tons of experience and as a digital postman, Arco Information helps companies to achieve this.

Arco focuses on the incoming and outgoing information flows and their link to backend systems. In doing so, Arco acts as a modern digital postman who receives, recognizes and records information, transforms it into a treatable format and then delivers it into digital flows.


Digital delivery

Let’s dig deeper into digital transmission, or outbound. A customer creates a document in its central software. This can be, for example, invoices, credit notes, payslips, contracts, or payment reminders. Afterwards, a file exchange is set up with the Arco Cloud Platform and everything runs smoothly.

Our platform makes it possible to send all common formats of documents. Whether it concerns PDF documents, mails, XML formats. We can automatically send these documents to platforms such as Peppol, Chorus Pro, Doccle, ebox or Pom to, for example, companies, staff, consumers, or the government.

Anything that cannot be delivered digitally goes to a printing company and is sent by post.


Personalized and tailor-made

The recipient receives the documents digitally the way he has indicated as preferred. Arco Information also ensures that this is done in a completely personalized layout of the customer.

And even more important: in a safe environment. An environment that is constantly monitored by our people for inconsistencies. We unburden our customers and strive to offer a complete solution for an efficient conversion to digital transmission.



This approach is also appreciated by the city of Antwerp. The city has been a customer for incoming invoices for 13 years and has also been using Arco’s outbound service for the past 4 years.

From construction companies to hospitals and from government agencies to cities and municipalities: we want to offer added value everywhere for our customers.