Invoices soon to be approved in a user-friendly app
  • By Arco
  • June 15, 2017
  • Blog

Invoices soon to be approved in a user-friendly app

At present, approvers of Arco invoices use a browser for this task. However, they will also be able to do this in an invoice app from the end of May on. The capability may also be used by a number individuals, such as top and/or middle management and/or remote users (project leaders, etc.).

The invoice approval app has many strengths:

  • easy to use: adapted behaviour for smartphones and tablets
  • certain users prefer to work with apps (as opposed to traditional applications)
  • possibility for use at home or when on the road: can be used without burdening other administrative applications, quick turnaround time and rapid processing of a number of simple or urgent cases
  • offline application (if Wi-Fi or mobile networks are temporarily not accessible)
  • speed: lightening quick navigation motivates users (as app stores data locally in the cache; forwarding separate from processing). Additional strength: various invoices can be approved in one go.

Arco Invoice version 2.1 is required when using this app (suitable for smartphones and tablets). The app attracts a very competitive annual charge.