Accounting firms are facing significant challenges:

  • reducing the cost of administrative processes (entering invoices in the books, exchanging documents, etc.)
  • gaining time to provide more advice and services
  • clients who want to inspect files and documents at any moment

Customers (companies and the self-employed) can use web portals to scan supplier invoices themselves. The invoices are converted automatically into a digital entry proposal, which saves the accounting firm more than half the time it would take normally for manually entering it in the books. Each customer is given access to a digital file that contains supplier invoices, sales invoices and all useful documents relating to the company or self-employed person.

Customers are no longer required to provide documents in physical form, and sales invoices can be stored automatically in the digital archive. Since this archive complies with all legal requirements, it reduces the need for paper storage. Customers can inspect the documents in the archive at any time and have flexibility in searching for information, including invoice content.

The accounting firm itself arranges access to the accounting files for its customers.