Federal and Regional Government

The federal and regional governments provide a broad range of services. This involves intense communication with members of the public, companies and other authorities.

Web portals enable those concerned to submit applications, upload documents, complete forms and monitor statuses. Employees split up the work and monitor statuses with the help of digital workflows. The e-file manages all the documents, monitors tasks and deadlines and deals with communication to the relevant parties. Standard letters are drawn up automatically and signed digitally.

Paper archives are no longer required; the digital archive monitors archiving deadlines. Scanning systems digitalise paper documents and automatically capture characteristics like the file number, the party involved and the date.

  • Stijn Lombaert

    A clear project-based approach ensured that scope and responsibilities were clearly defined from the outset. As a result, the service was quickly put in place. A clear, no-nonsense approach with smooth communication lines facilitated good contact among the parties concerned. The level of support provided was excellent, with questions or problems being dealt with accordingly. - Read more...

    Stijn Lombaert - Provincie West-Vlaanderen

  • Toon van Damme

    65% of the 40 000 incoming invoices arrive by e-mail. The automated processing of these e-mails has resulted in a staff saving of more than 0.5 FTEs. - Read more...

    Toon van Damme - VDAB