Finance and Insurance

Banks, financial service providers and insurance firms offer a wide range of services to their customers. Going forward, these services will increasingly be provided in digital format directly to the customer, thus freeing up the branches and administrative services to concentrate more on customer contact and providing advice.

Robust solutions for document management and archiving are fundamental to organising the digital flow of documents. The archives can be run in the cloud and meet the most rigorous security requirements. There are capabilities to integrate such an archive with banking and insurance apps so that it can be viewed from these apps. Extending the system over secure web portals to include points of sale and the consumer creates a digital transformation that eliminates a host of paper processes. There is also the capability to sign documents digitally by means of either an electronic identity card (eID) or one of the various other systems. The customer also has the user-friendly option of signing the documents from home.

Documents are likewise sent in digital format to the consumer. Customers are free to indicate via a portal how they wish to receive their documents (by e-mail or systems like Doccle and POM). The digital conversion has turned out to be very popular and the institutions are enjoying instant benefits of this digital innovation:

  • customers are satisfied with the additional service
  • there have been considerable cost-savings
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