Hospitals and Elderly Care

Hospitals and elderly care institutions work constantly to increase efficiency and gain economies of scale in order to offer quality care within budget. They manage vast quantities of information contained in patient files and administrative documents.

The accounting system automates the incoming flow of invoices that relate to pharmacies, commercial goods and general expenses. They are scanned or read in as e-invoices, captured automatically, verified and then sent to ERP software for accounting treatment.

Pharmacy staff compare the invoices with the pharmacy’s details. These services are in the cloud or on-premises. Invoices can be located in a secure archive that complies with all legal requirements. This eliminates the need to keep paper invoices. All institutions, no matter their size, can be catered for due to the links that are already in place with existing suppliers of ERP, accounting and pharmacy software.

Customers and patients receive large volumes of sales invoices. Paper invoices are converted seamlessly to digital format. Patients are free to set their own preferences on a portal, and receive their documents by e-mail or in their portal or preferred app (such as Doccle and POM). Digitalisation has turned out to be very popular and the institutions are enjoying instant benefits of this digital innovation:

  • customers are satisfied with the additional service
  • there have been considerable cost-savings

Medical files are voluminous and, therefore, their digital management is vitally important for both ongoing and completed admissions. Scanning systems enable the documents to be digitalised efficiently at either central or decentral level.

  • Xavier Keters

    AZ Damiaan now process 30 000 digital supplier invoices much more quickly than it used to. Thanks to ‘three-way matching’, invoices whose details correspond with their order and delivery details no longer require any additional processing. Administrative patient files are accessible to authorised staff in a single mouse-click. - Read more...

    Xavier Keters - AZ Damiaan

  • Geertrui Ryngaert

    The invoice-approval process for three hospital sites and decentralised departments has become far more efficient, while integration with the ERP system results in time-savings. - Read more...

    Geertrui Ryngaert - Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis

  • Marc Van Uytven

    The digital delivery of invoices is part of a strategy to provide modern services and the best possible care to the patient. - Read more...

    Marc Van Uytven - Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis