Utilities, Telecom and Service

Customers (consumers and companies) are offered a range of products and services. The service offering is expected to increase further and more quickly. Extra transparency is possible on account of making information and documents available in digital format.

Customer service begins with the efficient follow-up of queries, notifications and complaints. Arco offers scanning and e-mail capture systems to deal efficiently with these types of situations. Workflows help in the registration and distribution of notifications. Customer communication is followed up from this system, and everything is archived for future searches.

File follow-up, document management and web portals provide the opportunity to share information with customers and in-house staff. All the information, tasks, deadlines, comments and documents are available online. Archiving deadlines are managed automatically, outgoing letters are drawn up automatically and digital signing supported. The internal procurement processes for services and investments are followed up digitally.

Incoming e-mails are dealt with automatically by the accounting system, with invoices being scanned or read in as e-invoices, captured automatically, verified and then sent to management software (BBC) for accounting treatment. These services are all in the cloud. Invoices can be located in a secure archive that complies with all legal requirements. This eliminates the need to keep paper invoices.