Accounting firms’ files

Digital management of invoices: win-win accounting firm and client

Arco offers a total solution, from document input to registration and management of the payment status, as an addition to the existing accounting package. The digital file replaces the traditional binders and gives clients a permanent digital access.

Accounting firms’ files

Creation and input of documents
  • The client can upload documents continuously and choose from available channels: drag or scan documents or send them to an e-mailbox. PDFs arriving via e-mail are uploaded without a need for scanning. It is easy to use and the status of the process is always clear.
  • The client produces their own sales invoices by selecting from the clients and items list. Adding amounts, following up on invoice dates and invoice numbers and monitoring VAT codes is under control. Invoices are sent digitally and the right document is automatically entered in the accounting system.
  • The accounting firm will scan all the files. That way, clients who are not ready yet for direct digital input can still enjoy the benefits of the system.
Automatic data recognition
  • Advanced OCR service, with an accuracy of at least 99.7%, transforms PDF documents into clear invoicing data.
  • The exceptionally high result is obtained thanks to the OCR top level (Arco processes millions of documents for many companies in Belgium, Europe and elsewhere in the world).
  • Automation does not affect reliability because two people validate the documents. Should they come up with a different result, a third person will perform a check.  
Checking, status and communication
  • Constant clear insight into which processing phase purchase invoices are in.
  • Potential checking by account manager:
    • purchase invoices are directly sent to accounting for processing, or are first checked by the account manager (depending on the organization), which results in invalid documents to be removed or sent to the correct folder.
    • automatic detection of double invoices.
Journal entry

Documents are entered into the accounting system and if necessary completed by hand in the familiar accounting package.

Online file and payment information
  • In the online file, all documents are searchable and available in split seconds.
  • Digital archive replaces paper archive.
  • Payment status is visible
Accounting firm management
  • The accounting firm oversees opening and management of digital files for clients.
  • Statistic information provides an insight into the rolling out of digital files to clients
Linking several accounting packages

The solutions for accounting firms use several accounting packages together: Kluwer Expert-M, Organi, Dave (Just Software), Bob 50 (Just), Venice, Popsy and Allegro.

Reliable service
  • Through the Arco cloud service, you immediately activate a document service that several parties can use via the internet.
  • You can rely on a high level of security and high availability; we use two Belgian top-quality duplicated data centres. This allows Arco to effortlessly support millions of documents.
  • A specialized agency periodically tests the environment’s security. Arco therefore continuously complies with the strictest security regulations.

Advantages accounting firm and accountant

  • Automated booking proposal: you no longer have to type in all the data of purchase and sales invoices. Thanks to the automatic invoice recognition, those are uploaded directly into the accounting package.
  • Spreading of the work: clients continuously provide digital documents, which allows you to spread your work more evenly.
  • Less errors: clients produce their own sales invoices with an automatic data check. Result: less errors in numbering, invoice date, VAT codes, sums and rounding off of amounts.
  • The client has immediate access to all the information, such as digital archive and status of payments, without the accounting firm having to free up time for this.
  • Documents are immediately available in case of a tax control: not a large operation with cardboard boxes, but a simple process thanks to direct access.
  • Room for more and proactive advice: you save a lot of time with your account managers. That time can be invested in extra advice to clients.

Benefits for SMEs

  • Direct toegang tot archief: verkoop- en inkoopfacturen plus diverse documenten meteen toegankelijk. Hierdoor voert u snel analyses uit, doet budgetcontroles en communiceert met klanten, leveranciers en bank.
  • Betalingsinformatie online beschikbaar. U merkt onmiddellijk wat klant of leverancier al of niet betaalde.
  • Digitaal archief vervangt papieren versie: minder plaats nodig en documenten geraken niet verloren.