Accounts Payable Automation

Arco Invoice: registering, approving and entering supplier invoices

A lot of valuable time goes into opening incoming invoices, sorting them, entering them in the system, processing them and following them up, then checking them and finally completing the process. This takes up countless hours each year and costs a fortune. Arco Invoice automates this entire process for you, apart from scanning the invoices. It reduces the cost of processing your invoices to one quarter of what it was pre-automation and guarantees greater efficiency.

Efficient inflow and capture

The only thing you still have to do manually is scan your paper purchase invoices. Intelligent OCR technology recognises and records the supplier’s details, the amount, invoice number, order number and reference number, the date and any additional fields. Invoice recognition comprises a multiple control system and can be used in several languages. For e-invoicing based on EDI standards, the system checks and enters the data automatically, which even eliminates the need to manually scan invoices.

Simplified organisation of work

Arco Invoice will propose approvers on the basis of your business organisation, but you are of course free to select your own. This establishes how work is divided up and you limit the number of staff to those solely required for the job.

Smooth approval process

All staff involved receive an e-mail concerning one invoice or even a number of related invoices. Depending on what they have to do, all members of staff can carry out their task quickly and easily, i.e. add documents, postpone or refuse approval and specify the reason for doing so, refer invoices to a colleague or approve them. Approval can also be provided using an app.

Processing based on in-house rules

Every business has its own way of working: some work with order forms while others don’t, some have just one approver while others have several, some have a different controller for each country, and so on. Arco Invoice allows you to organise invoice processing (routing) according to the arrangements and methods in place at your business.

Simple integration with your existing accounting software

Arco Invoice works seamlessly with your ERP or accounting software. You can even let Arco take over the invoice registration process or have it fully optimise interaction with the ERP system. This means that invoices can be entered and made available for payment fully automatically.

Total control and security

Arco Invoice gives you a continuous overview of all your ongoing work. You can perform searches and retrieve results by means of a user-friendly Excel document. The reporting module gives you an insight into the effectiveness of the processes. You decide who has access to the invoices, who is authorised to approve them and who may adjust the configuration of the system. You can retrieve a full record of all actions, setting out each step for each invoice (from the scanning stage to the payment stage).

Arco Invoice – the bespoke solution

Arco Invoice forms the basis for many digital document management applications:

  • Xavier Keters

    AZ Damiaan now process 30 000 digital supplier invoices much more quickly than it used to. Thanks to ‘three-way matching’, invoices whose details correspond with their order and delivery details no longer require any additional processing. Administrative patient files are accessible to authorised staff in a single mouse-click. - Read more...

    Xavier Keters - AZ Damiaan

  • Geert Callens

    Digitally processing supplier invoices is providing considerable benefits in the accounting process and for the approvers. The accounting department processes 45% more invoices (up to 15 000 each year) but with the same workforce. And the information is always available for accounting purposes - Read more...

    Geert Callens - d'Arta

  • Geertrui Ryngaert

    The invoice-approval process for three hospital sites and decentralised departments has become far more efficient, while integration with the ERP system results in time-savings. - Read more...

    Geertrui Ryngaert - Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis

  • Gaby Bostyn

    Because approvers and accountants are just a mouse-click away from all the information, the average turnaround time for an invoice is considerably reduced. As a result, it is much quicker and cheaper to approve and enter supplier invoices in the books. - Read more...

    Gaby Bostyn - Poppies

  • Jurgen Van Eetvelde

    The turnaround time for processing supplier invoices has been reduced by 30% compared to previously. Everyone can approve invoices anytime, anywhere. Documents do not get lost or misplaced. - Read more...

    Jurgen Van Eetvelde - Start People Belgium