Document management and workflow

Arco Doma: robust solution for managing digital documents and workflows

Efficient management of documents

A simple configuration enables you to set up document types, properties, structures, security, search screens and results lists. It is easy to use and can be adapted to take account of the requirements of the target group. Users are therefore able to locate documents very quickly.

Searching is intuitive, with the overall search process being comparable to a Google search. Data can also be found on the basis of content. Imaged documents (scanned documents) can be searched through automatically.

You have the authority to do what needs to be done with the documents, such as forwarding some of them, downloading them, converting them into PDF, exporting a list with properties to Excel, adding comments, placing documents beside each other to compare them or adjusting the status.

You get a clear idea of the current version and version history of each document. Each action is recorded in a secure audit trail in accordance with ISO requirements and sector-specific standards.

You can share documents with your colleagues in your own and other departments, as well as with external users like customers, partners, project staff, consultants and lawyers. They can all add and make changes to documents, depending on their permissions.

Arco Doma displays data to users in a number of different ways, including on the basis of user preferences. You can use ‘virtual structures’ to expand any type of tree structure and to generate alternative overviews of documents.

Reliable archive

Doma is the digital archive that replaces all other archives (paper, Windows File Explorer, etc.).

This solution sets out clear archiving rules per entity, such as document type, file, directory structure or other properties. Documents are archived after being processed. Once the scheduled archiving term has elapsed, you can do other things like move the document to another archive (for instance, another type of storage medium), export the document and its properties, and remove the document and/or its properties.

The system has been developed in such a way that you satisfy all legal requirements, ISO procedures and confidentiality rules. The processes can run automatically, if required, which eliminates the need for monitoring.

As access to the archive is fully secure, it is impossible to suddenly delete documents. What’s more, authorised individuals are able to recover any deleted items. Strict back-up procedures guarantee that no information in the archive is lost.

Process management

The Doma workflow module allows you to set up flexible workflows that mirror business processes.

One example is multi-step registration (specialised data is entered to complete the process or a customer fills in a form that is then processed by the customer services department). But you can also set up advanced workflows using graphical configuration tools and a graphical process builder.

Priorities and deadlines are monitored automatically. Users receive an e-mail when new work arrives or when deadlines are reached.

Work can be delegated when there are staff absences. The audit trail records every action taken. Supervisors oversee workloads and deadline overruns, and are authorised to reassign work, if necessary. Reports present management information clearly and concisely.

File management

Case management allows users to group items (documents, folders, workflow elements) together so that they can be followed up. It is ideal for complaints, legal cases, projects, quality monitoring, etc.

You can link tasks, workflows, statuses and deadlines to the case. Each case has its own permissions.

Doma Cloud Service

The Arco Doma Cloud Service is a fully-fledged high-quality document and workflow service, which you can set up to suit your needs.

You can also involve external users like customers, partners, project staff, consultants and lawyers. They are all able to add and make changes to documents, depending on their permissions.

You can count on a high level of security and high availability, with two top-drawer Belgian data centres being used for data deduplication.

Scalable, robust and secure

Doma can start off small and effortlessly grow to handle millions of documents. Working speed is high, with users able to locate documents in approximately two seconds (depending on the network) and to open workflows just as quickly.

Each task can be perfectly secured and organised, which gives you the option of placing highly confidential documents in the system. Users, roles and/or groups have permissions, which have to be granted first. In addition, the hierarchical roles mirror the organisational hierarchy.

The specialised firm Gremwell regularly performs security tests on the Doma environment in accordance with the international guidelines of OWASP. This means that Doma continually complies with the most stringent security criteria.

Reading in and sending documents

Users can manually add and index documents using the browser, but also from Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

Documents are also read in automatically using the DRUM module, which can accommodate numerous technical formats. Incoming e-mails and e-invoice formats are processed, as well. The DRUM module has been successfully tested using large volumes.

Documents are also sent in large volumes to addressees in the form of e-mails and e-invoice transfers. Document generation capabilities are available, whereby data is used to automatically create documents with a perfect layout.


Doma is designed to work in an integrated fashion with other apps, such as ERP and CRM. As a result, documents can be retrieved from the external apps and properties exchanged. Not only that, but data can be retrieved from a Doma workflow.

It is also perfectly feasible to work in a hybrid environment that connects several packages.

Doma can be integrated with web services and APIs, and technical manuals are available on request.

Subscription and notification

Users can subscribe to a series of documents, depending on interest profiles and user-group administrators.

Addressees will then automatically receive e-mails with an overview of what’s new.

Use of apps

You can use an app to gain access to documents, to upload additional documents or images, and to assign properties. You can also use the app to check and approve documents.

All these capabilities are integrated with Doma. This attractive, user-friendly app is suitable for mobile and offline use.

Digital signature

You can digitally sign documents through via a Doma workflow.