Document scanning and recognition


Login via the web portal, connect your scanner or MFP (Multifunctional Scanner/Copier) and remit your documents. E-mails can also be scanned in directly.


OCR techniques (field recognition) automatically recognise the data, with a very high degree of accuracy and within 24 hours. This avoids data having to be entered manually and prevents errors from being made. Staff absence is no longer an issue.


To achieve a data accuracy rate of 99.7 %, Arco operators perform data checks and quality control. Alternatively, you assume the task of validating the results.


Data and documents are exported to target systems such as the Arco workflow, ERP systems and the Arco archive, which complies with all the legal storage requirements.

  • Stijn Lombaert

    A clear project-based approach ensured that scope and responsibilities were clearly defined from the outset. As a result, the service was quickly put in place. A clear, no-nonsense approach with smooth communication lines facilitated good contact among the parties concerned. The level of support provided was excellent, with questions or problems being dealt with accordingly. - Read more...

    Stijn Lombaert - Provincie West-Vlaanderen

  • Chris Govaerts

    Extra scope for service and advice thanks to document processes being digitalised/automated - Read more...

    Chris Govaerts - Van Dessel Insurance Brokers

  • Wim Baert

    Callant uses its state-of-the-art IT systems to provide a fast and effective service. To do this it runs Arco tools, interfaced with Portima's Brio software. - Read more...

    Wim Baert - Callant Verzekeringen & Financieel Advies