Integrated management of orders

Highly suitable for local authorities, complaints management and organisations with a customer service.

Preparing orders

Once an order request is initiated directly via the user-friendly web interface, the request is sent straightaway. The user calls up records of old orders and quickly selects the appropriate supplier and the relevant articles. It is also possible to enter new suppliers and (provisionally) unknown articles. This is very useful for miscellaneous services and occasional orders. Rapid completion of the process encourages employees to use the system and replaces other inefficient systems, such as those where (urgent) orders are placed using paper forms.

Approving and placing orders

Authorised persons receive an e-mail and approve the order request. Depending on the organisation, either the person requesting the order or the purchasing department then places the order. The order form is generated automatically.


Deliveries are registered at centralised or decentralised level, which means you get a continuous and clear overview of the orders and deliveries that have not been invoiced. This capability can be easily incorporated into the accounts each month.

Link to incoming invoices

When you use the Arco Invoice module to handle your supplier invoices, it links an incoming invoice automatically to the order status and delivery status. It becomes instantly clear whether or not these details match up. If they do, an invoice no longer needs to be approved.