Handling incoming mail

Arco Mail Manager

Arco Mail Manager registers and distributes incoming mail, processes it efficiently and then follows it up. It is suitable for local authorities, complaints management and organisations with a customer service.

Registering all incoming mail

Arco Mail Manager scans paper mail and automatically reads in e-mails. It also instantly forwards specific request via web-based forms. Secretarial offices and customer service departments can register these requests and forward them for processing. The departments indicate the people responsible.

Handling and follow-up

Employees manage the document, actions are generated and then followed up. Those concerned receive information (notification). You can link various documents to one file for more extensive follow-up, and transfer documents to other employees and departments for additional follow-up.

Sending reply letters

Reply letters are generated automatically. A library of standard letters that can be classified by department or theme is available. You sign outgoing letters linked to incoming documents either on paper or by digital means.

Searching and overview

You can quickly locate documents and immediately see if and where they are in the processing system, or if they have already been archived. Each document shows its processing history and access to the documents is protected. The archive of all these documents ensures you have a comprehensive overview of them.