Legal archiving

Legal Store

Storage of digital documents in a secure archive that complies with all legal requirements.

Legal Sign

Digital signature service that signs documents automatically with appropriate certificates and time stamps.

Secure archive

A large number of documents, for which storage periods and legal rules apply, support the business processes. These include contracts, incoming and outgoing invoices, orders, customer communication, complaints, tenders, progress statements, technical plans, product specifications, official police reports, certificates, Board of Directors minutes, internal memos, HR documents, and accounting documents.

Moreover, you set the in-house rules regarding quality guidelines, responsibilities towards the Board of Directors, customers and staff.

If you opt for digital instead of paper-based storage (back-up), the digital archive has to meet the strictest criteria. We started up Arco Doma in a cloud-based archive (SenSaas) with those objectives in mind. This service comprises a number of different elements.

Secure documents

People work in the system in a safe and certain manner. The process for uploading, registering and adding properties to documents is strictly defined. Permissions are linked to roles in a managed way, just as the versions (if active) are carefully managed and displayed. Once documents are removed from the archive, they can no longer be changed. Doma keeps an audit trail of all actions taken.

Legal Signing – Digitally secured

The digital signature service automatically sign documents. Because the signature is linked to certificates, it is automatically advanced or qualified, in accordance with European legislation. It ensures that the document is secure. You can also provide it with a period of validity. Thanks to the technique of time-stamping – and if required – the document remains valid for a long time, the length of which is linked to its storage period. Everyone involved can easily verify the validity of the signature.

Robust platform

The Arco Doma Cloud Service is a fully-fledged high-quality document and workflow service. External users like customers, partners and other parties, can also have a direct input in the service.

You can count on a high level of security and high availability, with two top-drawer Belgian data centres being used for data deduplication. This enables Arco Doma to effortlessly support millions of documents.

The specialised firm Gremwell regularly performs security tests on the Doma environment in accordance with the international guidelines of OWASP. This means that Arco Doma continually complies with the most stringent security criteria.

Archive management

Clear archiving rules are set per entity, such as document type, file, directory structure or other properties. Documents are archived after being processed. Once the scheduled archiving term has elapsed, you can do other things like move the document to another archive (for instance, another type of storage medium), export the document and its properties, and remove the document and/or its properties.

The user can export the documents and continue managing them in another archive. The digital signatures, certificates and time stamp will still remain valid for the documents concerned.

Legally compliant storage of supplier invoices

You can legally store purchase invoices. This applies to scanned invoices and PDFs that arrive by e-mail, as well as to structured e-invoices. The Legal Sign signature service places a digital signature on all incoming invoices. All actions are registered and the process is documented and watertight.

Companies that scan and read in incoming invoices at local level can also have this process activated.

Legally compliant delivery and storage of sales invoices

More and more sales invoices are being sent digitally to addressees – organisations and people – in different countries. The digital Legal Sign signature service, which is equipped with a qualified certificate, is the most secure way to create them legally in Belgium and in European Community countries. With this technique, each recipient is sent an invoice (usually a PDF) whose validity can be noted and verified immediately. All this is done in accordance with the laws of every EU member state. Lastly, this signature service can also be used by organisations that create and send invoices digitally themselves.