Receiving and processing emails

Process automatically invoices from mailbox.

The volume of electronic documents and invoices received by e-mail is increasing rapidly. A large proportion of them have a non-structured format, one example being an e-mail with an invoice as a PDF attachment.

Such e-mails are not dealt with very efficiently in many companies, because they require a lot of manual intervention and mistakes are made.

E-mails arrive in an inbox and are captured automatically by the Arco E-Mail Processor.




Process automatically invoices from mailbox.

Authorised senders are managed centrally by means of a white list and black list.

The Arco E-Mail Processor extracts the valid PDFs automatically and sends them to the OCR recognition process. This process is carried out based on simple rules (1 e-mail = 1 PDF), or on more advanced rules (each PDF is a separate invoice, or the name of the PDF determines whether or not it is an invoice).

Senders that require manual verification are followed up because, for instance, a file has to be downloaded from a portal, or the file is password-protected.

Any e-mails that fail to meet the relevant criteria end up in the error folder, where there is a capability to follow them up separately. Users are notified of e-mails that have been placed in this error folder.

All incoming e-mails are archived, as is an audit trail with all the stages of processing. The digital archive complies with all legal requirements.

Functional administrators can manage the process, without having to involve the ICT department.

  • Toon van Damme

    65% of the 40 000 incoming invoices arrive by e-mail. The automated processing of these e-mails has resulted in a staff saving of more than 0.5 FTEs. - Read more...

    Toon van Damme - VDAB