Receiving e-invoices

Réception de factures électroniques.

All the data contained in e-invoices (EDI invoices) is in structured format. Data without OCR is sent for processing to the workflow or the ERP or accounting systems. A host of additional automated checks may also be performed.

Arco ensures that e-invoices are managed efficiently, without fuss and at low cost.

Large pool of suppliers available for direct connection

Suppliers are activated quickly, efficiently, without error and at very low cost, thanks to pre-configured links. Technical concerns are unnecessary, since we are the ones who contact the suppliers.

EDI inbound. Supplier E-invoice receiving and Processing.     EDI inbound. Supplier E-invoice receiving and Processing.

How does Arco guarantee the direct availability of a large pool of suppliers?

Suppliers are connected either directly to the Arco network, via links with various international partners, or via open networks such as Open/Peppol.

Everything under one roof

Arco manages scanned documents, incoming e-mails and e-invoices. We assist you in switching seamlessly and without any hitches to the optimum use of e-invoices (EDI).

Powerful management platform

The portal enables you to display connected senders and all the data relating to the scanned invoices and documents, including the status.

Reliable information

When reading in data, we check it to see if it satisfies certain validation rules:

  • is all the required data present?
  • have all the files been attached and delivered?
  • is the addressee correct?
  • has there been double-invoicing?

You can easily set these validation rules because the whole process is registered. Audit data is simple to verify and all documents can be easily located..


All technical formats and protocols

Existing links are pre-configured and run via a limited number of standard protocols for e-invoicing formats and file transfer. However, virtually all current format conversions are available in the toolkit. This facilitates any specific additional links.


Connecting existing suppliers

Our staff get in touch with the supplier’s administration department to activate the e-invoicing service. This relieves you of the administrative and technical tasks involved in following up the connection.

Getting other suppliers to submit e-invoices

Looking to convince other suppliers to start sending e-invoices?

We have communication templates that clearly inform and guide them in what to do. We also run our own campaign for contacting major suppliers.

Legal archive

You can quickly locate documents in the archive. Not only does it comply with all legal requirements, it ensures that audit times are worry-free.