Sending e-invoices and payslips

E-invoice outbound. EDI sales invoice. Digital salary slip.

The digital delivery of invoices, payslips and other documents provides many benefits, not least cost-savings of up to 60% (registration required to learn more), faster and more interactive communication your customers, greater customer satisfaction, and more besides.

With Arco, you easily activate a total solution that efficiently makes the conversion to the digital delivery of documents.

Digital delivery to companies

Digital delivery to consumers

Digital delivery to government bodies

Powerful management platform

The portal enables you to display connected senders and all the data relating to the scanned invoices and documents, including the status.

Reliable information

When data is being read in, checks are made to see that certain validation rules are satisfied:

  • is all the required data present?
  • have all the files been attached and delivered?
  • is the addressee correct?
  • has there been double-invoicing?

Setting these validation rules is easy because the whole process is registered. Audit data is simple to verify and all documents can be easily located.

Paper documents catered for in a total management solution

Some mail will remain paper-based for a time to come. Printing can be outsourced as part of the total service package. This generates significant benefits:

  • just one flow of invoicing data to Arco, regardless of whether it’s in digital or paper format
  • no new investment in printers
  • no longer any need to keep pre-printed paper for each company

automated process for franking, sorting, putting documents into envelopes and adding enclosures

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