Sending e-invoices to government bodies

Since January 2017, it is compulsory to send e-invoices to the Flemish Regional Government!

The Belgian Federal Government actively receives e-invoices. Increasingly more government bodies will incorporate compulsory digital invoicing into their tenders. E-invoicing will become compulsory in November 2018, at the latest (november 2019 for certain types of receivers).

The other regional governments in Belgium will also be in a position to receive e-invoices in the near future.

The first town/city authorities and municipalities will be in a position to receive e-invoices as of 2017 and the system will become compulsory across the board as of November 2019.

Certified Open/Peppol Access Point in Belgium

Arco Open/Peppol Access Point - Open Peppol Certified Provider

  • Arco is a certified Open/Peppol Access Point.  It allows to receive the invoices via Open/Peppol and to send the invoices via Open/Peppol.
  • Arco assists senders and receivers in this process.

Arco has this service fully up-and-running!

You can quickly remit all your details through a simple registration process.

Delivery: standard methods of delivery allow you to activate our services in the quickest possible set-up time.

Linking up sender and recipient: when you send through the list of company numbers to which you want to send documents, they are activated immediately. You will be sent the list of recipients that have not yet been activated.

Preparing for delivery: test files are uploaded to see if they are compliant. They can be sent first to a test recipient, after which the first production delivery takes place.

Find out more about Arco’s delivery platform

  • Wesley Lichtert

    Sending e-invoices via Open/Peppol is flexible, open and beneficial. Boma has lost no time in submitting e-invoices to government agencies, well before the practice becomes compulsory on 1 January 2017. - Read more...

    Wesley Lichtert - Boma