Delivery of digital and paper insurance documents

Outsourcing delivery of premium notifications: lower costs, better service

Chris Govaerts, COO

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Delivery of digital and paper insurance documents

Van Dessel handles customer invoicing and collects insurance premiums. This involves a large volume of documents (premium invoices and premium renewal documents), which have to be printed and sent by post. The aim of the insurance broker is to significantly increase the number of documents being sent digitally by means of BRIOplus software (Portima), which offers central management capabilities. Arco is responsible for delivering the documents.

The new procedure comprises the following steps:

  1. Administrative staff indicate the customer’s preferred means of delivery: paper delivery or digital channel
  2. Documents made ready for delivery
    • documents are created and made ready for delivery automatically
    • attachments are added automatically
  1. Arco delivery platform
    • Retrieves documents
    • Delivers documents through the right channel
    • Stores delivery statuses
  1. paper-based delivery
    • Documents and attachments printed at the Group Joos print firm
    • Documents are delivered, put into envelopes and posted automatically
  2.  Electronic delivery
    • Documents delivered to the right channel (firstly by e-mail with PDF attached)
    • Gradual addition of other channels (including structured EDI files and delivery via Doccle)
    • MyBroker portal by Portima: customers can view all their relevant insurance documents

Benefits of the digital delivery system for insurance documents

  1. Savings of 70%
  2.  Automatic linking of attachements
    • Considerable time-savings
    • Lower risk of mistakes being made
  3. many customers request digital delivery (about 20% in the initial phase), both business customers (documents being read in automatically) and individuals
  4.  Digital delivery is part of an intense, multi-faceted communication strategy
    • Raising customer awareness of the benefits offered by portals (including MyBroker) where much more information can be accessed
    • Growing digital offering from Van Dessel Insurance Brokers encourages customers to communicate through new channels