Scanning/OCR of policy and claims documents

Extra scope for service and advice thanks to document processes being digitalised/automated

Chris Govaerts, COO

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Scanning/OCR of policy and claims documents

Van Dessel receives large volumes of policy and claims documents by post and e-mail, and dealing with them was a time-consuming job! The new procedure – scanning documents by Arco, OCR and integration via BRIOplus (Portima) software– comprises the following steps:

  1. Reading in documents
    • Incoming e-mails are captured automatically
    • Incoming post is scanned
  2. Assigning suitable properties (OCR)
    • Claims, policy and/or customer numbers are captured and compared with the customer database
    • Document types are recognised
    • Limited manual checks are performed, aside from 75% to 90% fully automatic recognition
  3. Task scheduling
    • Documents made ready for processing as a task in BRIOplus
    • Assigned to the appropriate file manager
  4. Digital digital archive of policies and claims documents
    • All documents are put in a digital file, linked to BRIOplus
    • Direct accessibility
    • New documents are filed automatically in a digital insurance archive (paper archive becomes redundant)

Scanning and digital filing: significant benefits

  1. Archive space for storing paper files turned into a meeting room
  2. Sizeable reduction in processing times in the central administration department, incoming post ready much more quickly
  3. File Managers
    • Incoming e-mails no longer manually assigned to a file
    • No physical retrieval of paper files
    • Direct digital access to entire files: the customer receives an immediate response to any queries
  4. Reliability
    • All incoming documents – whether scanned or by e-mail – are processed
    • Clarity regarding task status because each document is assigned a BRIOplus task
  5. No scanning
    • E-mails are assigned automatically in BRIOplus
    • More e-mails.