D’Arta: a high-quality European food player

A 100% family-owned company, D’Arta produces quality frozen food products and ready-made meals and is active in numerous European countries.

D’Arta has experienced robust growth, with the number of supplier invoices increasing from approximately 10 500 to 15 000 on an annual basis.

45% more invoices processed by the same workforce

Digitally processing supplier invoices is providing considerable benefits in the accounting process and for the approvers. The accounting department processes 45% more invoices (up to 15 000 each year) but with the same workforce. And the information is always available for accounting purposes.


Geert Callens, IT Manager

Numerous benefits on the accounting front

  • Manual input is reduced. Invoice details are captured automatically using OCR and – after being approved – are entered in Centric Finacc financial software, thus eliminating any human intervention.
  • Every invoice can be accessed directly. The approval status is visible, which means that approvers can get on with their work without interruption.
  • Physical manipulation is no longer required (no copies, no physical archive).
  • E-mails are read in directly. Automatic processing of e-mails makes scanning redundant.

Approvers satisfied with the system

  • They can approve all the information in one go.
  • They can locate all the linked invoices in the archive.
  • The final approver is always a member of senior management. Bulk approving ensures lightning-fast and highly accurate processing.