Digitisation creates transparency and saves time

OLV-Ziekenhuis is one of the largest non-university hospitals in Flanders. Its supplier accounting administration department processes supplier 50 000 invoices per year and has implemented digitisation using Arco.

Enormous savings in time and energy

The invoice-approval process for three hospital sites and decentralised departments has become far more efficient, while integration with the ERP system results in time-savings.


Geertrui Ryngaert, Finance & Administration Manager

Main improvements

  • It can be clearly seen which stage the invoice is at in the process. With three hospital sites (Aalst, Asse, Ninove) and many departments at decentralised level, the digital process is now much more transparent and approval turnaround times are shorter.
  • Linking Arco to ERP software (SAP managed by Xperthis, and Infohos for pharmacies) enables data to be entered directly in the books after having been approved. This saves a considerable amount of time.
  • Order invoices are directly linked to the order details. Amounts are then compared automatically (three-way matching, SAP orders). If there are anomalies, the documents concerned are re-routed to the relevant person.
  • Staff can click through from the ERP system to the invoice, which means that detailed information is instantly available.
  • Having fewer copies reduces the paper mountain.
  • Digital archive complies with all legal requirements.
  • Incoming e-mails with invoices in attachment are forwarded straight to the next processing step, without any human intervention.

As both Arco (invoice approval) and SAP are in the cloud at NRB, the technological and administrative aspects are outsourced.