Turnaround time reduced by 30%

The turnaround time for processing supplier invoices has been reduced by 30% compared to previously. Everyone can approve invoices anytime, anywhere. Documents do not get lost or misplaced.



Accounting thrives on the application

Start People and USG People are leading HR service providers and part of the Recruit Group.

The main application is supplier invoice processing. The Shared Service Centre of USG Belgium manages approximately 30.000 supplier invoices each year.

Numerous benefits on the accounting front:

  • Turnaround time for approving invoices is 30% shorter than it used to be.
  • Documents do not get or misplaced.
  • The central digital archive fully complies with legal requirements. This totally eliminates the need for a parallel archive.
  • Four-eyes principle: each invoice is checked by at least two people, in accordance with the authorisations for 20 of the group’s legal entities.
  • Manual input is reduced. Invoice details are captured automatically using OCR and – after being approved – are entered in Centric FINACC financial software, thus eliminating any human intervention.
  • E-mails are read in directly: e-mails are now processed automatically, which means that scanning is no longer needed.


Digital expense notes:

  • Expenses are entered digitally by members of staff, which ensures that data is much more accurate from the outset.
  • The approval process is far quicker than before and is carried out according to group company authorisation rules.
  • Data is forwarded automatically to the wages application. HR staff no longer have to enter data manually.


Digital purchase management:

  • Purchase requests are recorded via digital workflow.
  • Approval, ordering and delivery take place via an integrated process.
  • A better overview is, therefore, provided of open orders and the impact on budgets and the monthly accounts.
  • Order and delivery invoices are entered directly into the books, without having to be approved if they match the order and delivery details (automatic matching).


Manual payments:

  • Certain invoices have to be paid on a specific date and the procedure for this differs from the standard one. A separate follow-up workflow is set up for this purpose.
  • This ensures that specific payment deadlines are not overlooked, and the requisite checks can be performed by means of the approval process.