Modern services require digital applications

The digital delivery of invoices is part of a strategy to provide modern services and the best possible care to the patient.


Marc Van Uytven, General Manager

High-quality care and patient security

The project fits in perfectly with OLV-Ziekenhuis’ strategy of offering the best possible quality care and patient security, through the provision of effective and modern services.

Specific objectives for OLV-Ziekenhuis

  • To increase digital communication with patients (reservations, admissions, making patient details available, etc.).
  • To deliver invoices digitally (modern, environmentally friendly and efficient).
  • To deliver digital documents in a way that meets all legal and security requirements.

Benefits for patients

  • Patients can quickly find their invoices.
  • Paying invoices is simplified.
  • Patients are notified of a new invoice by e-mail.
  • The service is free of charge.
  • Documents are delivered in the Doccle portal:this gives users access to the invoices of other suppliers via a single interface.

Start-up phase

  • Joining the digital system is completely voluntary. After a few months into the start-up phase, thousands of patients had joined and 4 000 invoices dealt with.
  • After being admitted to hospital, patients are pro-actively sent an e-mail asking them to connect to the e-invoicing system. They are able to get connected in just a few clicks and activate the system in a secure environment.


Certain legal restrictions remain in force at the moment: for instance, hard copies of certificates have to be sent as enclosures with invoices. OLV-Ziekenhuis is working together with the CM on a project to enable these certificates to be sent in digital form.

Patients can find more information on the hospital’s website