E-invoicing: flexible, open and beneficial

Sending e-invoices via Open/Peppol is flexible, open and beneficial. Boma has lost no time in submitting e-invoices to government agencies, well before the practice becomes compulsory on 1 January 2017.


Wesley Lichtert, IT

Digital awareness

Boma develops and distributes professional cleaning equipment, products and machinery. The company has actively worked for many years with digital supply chain management platforms (for digital orders, delivery details, invoices, etc.).

Boma operates in a highly customer-centric way and was aware from early on that e-invoicing government agencies was to become compulsory. As a result, the process started during the pilot phase and therefore underwent a longer testing period. Thanks to clear communication and flexibility, e-invoicing was up and running at the end of September 2016, well ahead of the compulsory date of 1 January 2017.

Open/Peppol is an open platform that Boma also uses when invoicing other government agencies.

Boma also works pro-actively with the Flemish Regional Government on its e-ordering procedures.