High-speed processing of supplier invoices

The leading AZ Damiaan hospital provides healthcare services in the coastal region of Belgium.

AZ Damiaan now process 30 000 digital supplier invoices much more quickly than it used to. Thanks to ‘three-way matching’, invoices whose details correspond with their order and delivery details no longer require any additional processing. Administrative patient files are accessible to authorised staff in a single mouse-click.


Xavier Keters, ICT Manager

A host of benefits

The processing of supplier invoices generates numerous benefits:

  • The approval process is much faster than before.
  • Digital storage replaces the paper-based archive (no longer any copies).
  • Incoming e-mails with invoices as PDF attachments are forwarded directly for processing, without any human intervention (50% fewer invoices scanned in just a few months’ time).
  • Order invoices (pharmacy and other departments) are linked directly to order details and delivery. The automatic three-way match procedure ascertains if all the details are correct. If they are, approval is no longer needed.
  • Time-savings in processing for accounting staff and approvers. Arco is linked to the management environments, so data is entered without having to be re-typed. The software in question is SAP (Xperthis) and the pharmacy module from Infohos.


Arco digitally manages administrative patient files:

  • Saves all administrative documents, including patient admission details, in digital format.
  • Authorised staff have quick, single-click access to files. If there are any questions or disputes, all staff involved can check the status directly and enhance the quality of customer service.